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Whereas the SHORT DECK has the ends of all the cards cut slightly shorter, the NARROW DECK has the sides of all the cards cut slightly shorter.

The NARROW DECK consist of an entire deck of side-shorted cards.

This deck is BETTER Series Deck because:

1.> Each card in the deck is side- shortened to a standard trim -- all cards are consistent in width.

2.> And each cut card is re-rounded to a superior 1/8 inch corner radius.

Uses: Key / Locator Cards

* Any card (or cards) from the Narrow Deck can be inserted into a regular matching deck and used as a KEY card -- great for a cutting-to-the-aces type effect with the deck tabled in a horizontal position.

* Or any regular card (or cards) can be inserted into the NARROW Deck and the card will become an instant Long-sidded KEY card.

Available in blue red Bicycle Rider backs.

No instructions included.