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A BETTER Svengali

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This deck is BETTER than the average Svengali because:

1.> Crafted fresh, on-demand (no old inventory) with 17 years of gaffed card making experience.

2.> Each card in the deck is shortened to a standard Svengali width- trim -- all cards are consistent in height.

3.> And each card is re-rounded to a superior 1/8 inch corner radius.

Currently, the inferior "cut cards" as found in gaffed decks (Mental Photography, Mene Tekel & Svengali) have a very wide corner rounding that is quite noticeable and unacceptable to Cardicians. A 1/8 inch radius, rounding-cut is the superior option. Better equipment and quality labor = a superior gaffed deck.

The Svengali deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a variety of magical miracles. A great deck of gaffed cards for the beginner --- EASY TO DO.


* Immediately knowing (& forcing) what card the spectator has selected.

Plus, being able to cause  the spectator to cut to their own selection --- under the fairest conditions. And then, changing the whole deck to the spectator's selected card.

Available in BLUE or RED Bicycle Rider Backs.